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  1. CAHEN

    Merci Pierre pour ce document de synthèse très utile.
    Ed de Flashe

  2. Matteo

    Merci Pierre pour cette excellente introduction.
    J’attends maintenant d’être à bord pour établir mon schéma de branchement actuel et comparer avec tes recommandations.
    à bientôt donc

  3. Mupi

    Bonjour à tous. Bravo pour ce résumé.
    Je me permets de compléter concernant les batteries Lithium (en général, pas spécifiquement Ion).
    Les Français sont très récalcitrants à cette technologie, mais quand on voyage, on voit énormément de bateaux déjà équipés. Certains depuis très longtemps.
    Personnellement, j’ai mis des Lithium Fer sur mon RM1070. J’en suis vraiment très satisfait.
    Avec 400Ah (55kg seulement), je suis totalement autonome (y compris congel, dessal…), et jamais besoin de faire attention à la décharge.
    Le tout pour 2000Eur (en mars 2018). C’est assez comparable à du Gel ou de l’AGM pour la même puissance utile.
    Quant à l’installation, c’est simple : je n’ai rien modifié (chargeur, alternateur, régulateurs solaires, W&S), car tout est compatible du Lithium qui est beaucoup plus tolérant que le Plomb, tant à la conso qu’à la charge.
    Bonnes navigations !

  4. David Fortune

    My RM 1070 (Harmoney) is one year old. We have three service batteries Victron Gel 110AH. After four hours sailing with the fridge on and navigation equipment the alarm goes for low voltage, below 12V.
    I have asked our local technical company to investigate.
    Interested in Lithium batteries as I use them for cordless power tools.
    We need more RMs in the UK.
    This year we have been to the Isles of Scilly.
    We have had a few minor issues that have been resolved, and generally consider that the quality of the RM design and build is superior to many alternatives.
    I hope that this is translated accurately.

    1. Pierre et Dolores

      Hello David,
      You have a big issue regarding your cosumption.
      110Ah X 3 = 330Ah batteries
      Your consumption for 1 Hour is:
      330Ah / 4 (as you said) = 82Ah!!
      A fridge consumption is approximativelly: DANFOSS BDF35 => 320W/24H => means 320W / 12 = 26Ah full day during 24 Hours.
      So we consider you have an insulation and a door in your fridge so estimated consumption will be 26Ah used 25% of the time is 6,6 Ah

      Conclusion you have a consumtion issue in your boat. Check.
      I hope it will be healfull.

  5. David Fortune

    Hello Pierre,

    Many thanks, that is helpful. I am having the batteries checked by a local company, two are fine and they did not realise that there were three so await test on third.
    I tend to have the auto pilot on as well. I shall speak to Victron as these are very good batteries. I shall keep you advised.


  6. David Fortune

    We are having the batteries subjected to a discharge test. We have been monitoring very carefully and consuming 4 A/H after 3 hours are battery management alarm sounds and then shuts down the batteries. Consumption 14 AH ! Capacity used 4%. I suspect that one of the three service batteries is faulty.
    Will keep you advised.

    1. alainplace

      I’ve had exactly the same problem with three 100Ah Gel Unicell batteries. They where 2 years old. At first it was masked by the solar panels which kept voltage over 13V.
      I disconnected each battery to mesure tension separatly. Only one was over 12,7v. We kept only that one connected for a few weeks and it worked properly even if we had to be more carefull on consumption. Then we change the three batteries. « the good one » having probably been damaged by the two others.
      We sailed to Scottland using autopilot, fridge, laptop and Simrad 12″ screen without any problem during the past three month.
      The dealer said « it can append with batteries ».

  7. David Fortune

    I have now had all three batteries checked by the UK Victron agent, Bardon.
    One has a capacity of 85%, the second 51% and the third 8%.
    The report from the agent (Bardon) states that the batteries have been incorrectly wired-up, and that one battery has been doing all the work.
    I shall pass the report to Fora Marine and wait for their response. Bardon also say that the two year guarantee is imvalid because of the incorrect installation.

  8. David Fortune

    RM accepted that the three batteries were connected incorrectly and agreed to supply three new batteries and the associated cable.
    I have been asking when the batteries will be delivered – no response.
    I now understand that it is unlikely that I shall receive the replacement batteries.


    I am afraid you are right: « unlikely »… :-(
    Could you by any chance give a close up (or diagram) of the « incorrect » wiring?
    Many thanks

    1. David Fortune

      Apologies for late response, but I switched computers from a pc to an apple.
      I am unable to copy the diagram to this comment. Essentially there are 2 batteries on port side, positives and negatives connected together and then to voltage control unit. One battery on starboard side also connected to voltage control unit. My RM1070 Harmoney has a lifting keel so the connections are not easy to follow.
      Since my earlier postings FORA has gone into receivership and I have had an email from Franck Chacun to apologise, but the replacement batteries will not be supplied.
      I shall have to therefore pay for new batteries and will probably upgrade the charger. I am considering AGM rather than gel batteries, any views or experience?

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